Chingri Machher Malaikari

Chingri Machher Malaikari (Prawn with coconut
and mustard sauce)



  1. At first wash the prawn properly.
  2. Marinate prawn with small amount of salt & turmeric powder.
  3. Grind all the spices (Rai, green chili, coconut, turmeric powder) & keep aside.
  4. Pour the grind spices in a bowl and place the prawn in it.
  5. Add salt according to taste & sprinkle one tablespoon of mustard oil.
  6. Heat some water in an open lid pan & place the bowl with a tight cover.
  7. Take out the bowl from hot water and leave for 15 min.
  8. Malaikari is prepared. Serve it hot with plain

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