Ice-cream Sandesh (Sweeet)

Posted on October 17, 2020

Ice-cream Sandesh (Sweet)


  • 500 gm Chhena (cottage cheese)
  • 250 gm powdered sugar
  • 25 gm non-salted butter
  • Few drops vanilla essence


  1. Knead the cheese smoothly and properly.
  2. Add powdered sugar, vanilla essence with kneaded cottage cheese and blend in a
  3. Take a steel Tiffin box and grease with butter and fill up with blending cheese & cover tightly.
  4. Take some water in a pressure cooker and pour the Tiffin box and close it.
  5. Shimmer and wait for 4-5 whistles.
  6. After that, remove from fire and let it cool.
  7. Bring out the Tiffin box and cut the cooked cheese with a sharp knife to your own shape.
  8. Chilled the Sandesh and serve it.

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