Posted on October 17, 2020

Green Cardamom (Chhoti-Elaichi)

Indian name : Elaichi

Scientific name : Elettaria subulatum

part used : fruit and seed

Systematic position :
: Plantae
Division : Magnoliophyta
: Liliopsida
: Zingiberales
Family : Zingiberaceae
: Elettaria
: E. subulatum

More About Green Cardamom

It is one of the most common spice in India and all over the World. It is used as separate or in garam masala mixture. It has a strong unique taste, with an intense fragrance.

Cardamom is used as a flavouring agent of sweet dishes like kheer, pudding, cake, pastry, any bakery products, pickles, paan masala and also used as a spice in any Indian dishes like Pulao, Biriyani, any mutton or chicken preparations.

It also has many medicinal properties. It is good for preventing nausea, helps in digestion, helps to prevent mouth odour
(that’s why it is called Natural Mouth Freshener). Cardamom tea is good for headache,
diarrhea, urinary problems, decentry, depression, tiredness etc. 

Take a cardamom with a tablespoon of honey every morning, it helps to increase eyesight and keep our
nervous system active.

Cardamom extract or essential oils is used in making of Perfume.

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