Sharshe Ilish, Ilish Vaanpa, Ilish Vaate (Hilsha fish in mustard sauce)

Posted on October 17, 2020

Sharshe Ilish (Hilsha fish in mustard sauce)

for 4 people

It is a famous Bengali dish, mainly East Bengal. It is an extremely hot dish yet extremely tasteful.



  1. Make a paste of the mustard seed with the green chili
  2. Take a medium sized flat-based pot with tight lid (may be metal tiffin box)
  3. Apply mustard oil at the base of the pot and place the pieces of the raw (not fried) fish carefully, and the mustard paste with salt according to taste and place the lid tightly. (Originally raw fish is used for this preparation but some will find the smell of the raw fish is too intense, so you can fry it lightly)
  4. Take another flat based pot, which is larger than the previous pot and pour water in it about 2″ height.
  5. Place the pot with fish in the larger pot with water and then put the larger pot on oven and in high flame.
  6. Water will start boiling and continue the boiling for 10 min
  7. You can also do the cooking in pressure cooker
  8. Keep the smaller pot in as it is condition for half an hour.
  9. Now open the pot and serve hot with plain

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