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Green Prawn Pulao

Green Prawn Pulao


To grind Spices:


  1. Marinate the prawns with a pinch of salt and turmeric powder and keep aside for 15-20 min.
  2. Heat the oil in a pan, shallow fry the prawns but do not let them harden, keep aside.
  3. Heat 2 tablespoon of oil an sauté sha-jeera. 
  4. Then add the ground masala and fry till the oil separates.
  5. Then add the washed rice and fry for 2 min, add one and a half cups water & salt and mix it well.
  6. When the water boils reduce the flame and cook the rice on shim till done.
  7. Fluff up the rice with a fork and mix fried prawns and sprinkle some of the oil used for frying prawns on the rice. 
  8. Cover and shimmer for 5 min.
  9. Enjoy the Prawn Pulao.

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