Chicken kassa (chicken in thick gravy)

Posted on October 17, 2020

Chicken kassa (chicken in thick & spicy gravy)



    1. Marinate the chicken pieces in a spoonful of turmeric, salt, lime juice and a little amount of mustard oil for half an hour.
    2. Heat the oil in a pan and add green chilies, bay leaves and the chopped onion to it and fry the them in low flame.
    3. When the onions become soft and light golden in color add ginger garlic paste to it with a pinch of salt.
    4. Prepare a paste beforehand mixing the whole amount of turmeric and red chili powder with water and add it just after adding ginger garlic pastes otherwise the ginger will be overcooked and become bitter.
    5. Cook the mixture for 5 min in low flame.
    6. Add the chicken and salt (according to taste) cook it in low flame until the chicken become soft.
    7. Add the chopped tomato and a spoonful garam masala and cook it in high flame
    8. When the mixture become dry add a cup of water to it with a pinch of salt
    9. Cook it for 5 min in high flame (if you like you can add a pinch of sugar)
    10. Chicken Kassa is prepared now you can enjoy it with plain rice or
      roti or paratha.

It is advisable to take raita with it because chicken kassa is a spicy dish and raita will sooth your palate help in digestion.

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