Poora Machh (Grilled Sole Fish)

Posted on October 17, 2020

Poora Machh (Grilled Sole Fish)


Note: Poora Mach is to ease the fillets of the fish away from its backbone and leave them attached to the sides.


  1. In the inside and outside of the fish as a whole, rub oil, also it apply between the fillets.
  2. Mix well all the ingredients and a make a paste of it. 
  3. Marinate the fish with spices paste & spoon inside the fish the remaining of it and keep aside for an hour.
  4. After that take an aluminum foil and wrap the fish in it. 
  5. Cook it on a barbecue (if you cook the fish in an open charcoal fire, do not wrap it with foil or tie the
    fish with banana leaf and cook it till it is ready to serve. 
  6. Served with plain

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