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    B Mulan

    Recently I tried making a dish with peeled potato skins. This is how to do it.

    Take some 5-6 potatoes. Peel the skins. Dip them in a bowl of water. Add some salt. Leave that for one hour.
    At the end of an hour take out the skins. Rinse with fresh water.

    Now you can prepare the recipe.

    Take appropriate amount of Besan in a large bowl. Add some Maida to get the crunchy effect. Add appropriate salt and turmeric powder. Add some Red Chili powder as well. Add water and mix and make it a paste.

    Heat some vegetable oil. Fry the skins in small quantities. Take out when the start to color brown.

    Your potato skin fritter dish is ready! Serve with some tomato sauce for added flavor.

    I tried it at home. It is tasty. Did not know before that peeled skins can taste so delicious!

    Try it and leave your comments below.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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