Nimbu Pani or Lemon Juice(Preparation for 4)

Posted on October 17, 2020

Nimbu Pani (Preparation for 4)


  • 1 liter water.
  • 2 Lemons.
  • 4 pinches salt.
  • 3 tablespoon sugar
  • Some ice cubes.


  1. Take water in jug.
  2. Cut the limes & strain juice.
  3. Mix lime juice in water.
  4. Mix salt & sugar according to taste.
  5. Serve nimbu pani in glass with ice cubes.

History of Nimbu Pani –Since India is a tropical country hence there are wide variety of popular cooling drinks. Nimbu Pani is one of the most popular cooling and refreshing drink. Nimbu Pani is very good to prevent heat stroke, de-hydration and maintain good osmoregulation.

Due to the presence of lemon, sugar and salt in the Nimbu Pani, it maintains the ionic balance in your body. It is said that nimbu pani may help to cure depression. But never take nimbu pani that is prepared a long time ago (a few hours), because it is readily fermentable.

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