Traditional Indian Cooking Utensils

Posted on October 17, 2020

Traditional Indian Cooking

belon (round pastry board and rolling pin)


Belan is a wooden cylinder and chaki is a flat, rounded wooden platform. Belan chaki is used for making flat breads like roti, paratha and



 Dechki is used mainly for boiling. It is prepared from Aluminium. 

The shape of dechki helps to distribute the heat evenly and the food boils quickly.

The dechki always has a definite cover, like handi. The covers of dechki and handi differ in shape and size.


/ Chhanta (perforated spoon)


Jhajri is used for deep frying. The pores help to sieve the excess oil.

It is made from steel/ iron/aluminum/brass.



of air inside a handi

Handi is a popular and common cooking utensil in India. It is generally used for cooking rice or meat.

Did you know that samples of earthen handi were found in the remains of ancient Mohenjodoro

In ancient times handi was made out of clay. Now it is mostly prepared from
Aluminum (because it is a good conductor of heat) and sometimes steal or brass. Handis externally copper coated are also found. Handis made of brass are mainly used for preparation of ‘prasad’ (food offered to indian god).

The structure of handi helps to increase the convection current of air inside, hence helping to cook any food quickly.

Cover of Handi is called ‘Shara’.


(metal spatula)


Khunti is used only for frying, the flat head of a khunti is ideal for changing the sides of the item that is being fried.

Just like hata, it is made from steel/iron/aluminum/brass/wood.


(pincers or tongs)

Sharashi is Indian tong. It is used to hold hot cooking pots.


Shil Noda ( Indian stone
grinder )


Shil Noda is used for grinding or making paste of different spices and cooking ingrediants.


Boti (Bengali cutting tool )

Boti is a cutting tool used mostly in Bengal. Boti has a wooden or metallic rest on which the blade can be folded down. Women using boti grab it by putting a foot on that rest. Since both hands remain free, it provides excellent grip.



Kadai: Kadai is mainly used for frying. It is mostly prepared from Aluminium (because it is a good container of heat) and sometimes Iron. Externally copper coated Kadais are also there.

The boat shape of a kadai helps to prevent the food (mainly fish) from sticking to the bottom.



Hata is used for serving or cooking liquid food like dal, curry etc. It has the shape of a large spoon, but rice serving hatas are flat like hand.

Generally hatas, that are used for cooking purpose are made from steel, iron, aluminium, brass, wood and serving hatas are made up of german silver.

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