Ten Indian dishes, that you must try

Posted on October 17, 2020

Ten Indian dishes, that you must try

Here is a list of ten very popular and delicious Indian dishes, that you must try. The dishes are rich with aroma and taste ; prepared with a definite method. Some dishes are popular all over the Indian sub continent (eg. biryani) and others are regional. Just click on the name of the dish and you will get the recipe also.

Biryani / biriyani : Biryani is a very popular rice dish. It is a Moglai dish prepared with scented rice, meat and spices. Biryani has a distinct appetizing aroma, the rice are coloured with saffron. Origin of this dish Middle East and brought in India by Moghul Emperors.

Makki ki Roti (Maize or Corn flour bread) with Sarson Ka Sag ( fried mustard leaf) : It is a regional dish (Punjab). The dish is simple but delicious.

Bhuna khichdi : Khichdi is prepared with rice and lentil. (There are various types of khichdi’s like Bengali khichdi prepared with rice , lentils, vegetables and ghee, prepared in especial occasions; Gujarat prepared with plain rice and lentils and generally considered as a diet for sick peoples. ) Bhuna khichdi is prepared as an offering to gods and goddesses ( bhog ) at time of puja or festivals.

Dosa : Dosa is a South Indian dish, prepared with rice powder. There are different types of dosas like Masala Dosa, Rawa Dosa etc. Dosa is eaten with coconut chutney and sambar.

Puri & Dum Alu : This is a very popular dish all over India. In Eastern part of India puri & dum aloo considered as dish for tiffin and in Western part it is considered as a part of full course meal.

Pulao/ Pilaf : Pulao is rice dish prepared with scented rice, ghee and vegetables. There are various types of pulao like Fruit pulao, Paneer Matar pulao, Mixed pulao, Sweet pulao. Pulao is generally served with chicken or mutton curry (if non-veg) and paneer curry (if veg).

Rohu Kalia Recipe : Rohu fish kalia is very popular in Bengal. Rohu fish is a sweet water fish and the fish also taste sweet. It is a ‘must dish’ in any Bengali occasions. Rohu fish is also good for your health because it is rich in omega-3 fatty acid content.

Kheer : Kheer is prepared with milk and scented rice and considered as very auspicious dish. Generally mothers prepare kheer on their children’s’ birthdays. Kheer is also considered as bhog ( offering to gods and goddesses )

Panipuri/ Pani Puri : The list will be incomplete without the mention of pani puri the king of Indian street foods and very popular in all over India and among the people of all age groups. Pani puri is also called as golgappa in northern India and fuchka in eastern India.

Dal (lentil soup) : Last but not the least is ‘dal’ ( lentil soup ). ‘Bhat dal’ (plain rice with dal ) or ‘dal roti‘ (dal weith flat bread) is the staple diet of almost every Indians and almost everyday prepared in Indian households. You can prepare dal in different ways and with different lentils also. Here some other recipe of dal Aam Dal Recipe(lentil with mango), Imli Dal Recipe (lentil with tamarind), Mung Dal Recipe (yellow lentils soup), Chholar Dal Recipe (pea pulse recipe), Mixed Masala Dal, Rajma curry Recipe (kidney beans in spicy gravy), Tarka / Tadka Recipe(black lentil fry) etc.

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