Side Dishes

Side Dishes

Non-vegetarian Recipes

Fish Recipes

Rohu Kalia Recipe
(rohu fish in thick & spicy gravy)

Tilapia fish in mustard sauce Recipe

Murighantar dal Recipe (mung with fish head)

Sharshe Ilish, Ilish Vaanpa, Ilish Vaate Recipe (Hilsha fish in mustard sauce)

Mourala Machher Chochchori Recipe (mourala fish with potato)

Mourala Machher tok Recipe (mourala fish with tamarind)

Aam Ilish Recipe (Hilsha with mango)

macher jhol Recipe (Hilsha fish curry)

Chara-ponar Jhol Recipe (baby ruhu recipe)

Parshe Machher Jhol Recipe(dish with Indian carp

Shutki machher jhal Recipe (dried bombay duck recipe)
Loittya machher jhal Recipe(bombay duck in thick gravy)
Loittya machher jhuri Recipe
(bombay duck fry)

Tel koi Recipe (koi fish in oil gravy)
Chitol machher kalia Recipe (clown knife fish recipe)
Pomfret curry Recipe(pomfret in thick gravy)
Parshe machher jhal Recipe(parshe fish in mustard sauce)
Mohini parshe Recipe
(parshe fish with tomato)

Fish hariyali Recipe(rohu fish in sauce)
Phulkopi vetki Recipe(cauliflower with barramundi fish)

Narkel dudh ilish Recipe
(Hilsha fish in coconut milk)

Aam sorshe aar machh Recipe(aar fish with mango and mustard seed)

Chital Chamak Recipe (spicy dish of Clown knife fish)

Pomfret with pineapple Recipe (sweet & sour dish of pomfret)

Jeera Ilish Recipe

Vetki Hariyali Recipe
Hilsha with Peas Recipe
Hilsha with Pumpkin Recipe
Hilsha with Karela Recipe
Posto Ilish Recipe
Tanduri Pomfret Recipe

Trout Fish Recipe

Topse Fish Fry

Pabda Delight

Steamed Vetki (Vetki Paturi)

Green Fish Curry

Chitol Machher Muitha (Dumplings prepared from clown nkifefish)

Karaishuti Katla (Katla fish and peas with spicy gravy)

Prawn Recipes

Chingri Machher Malaikari Recipe (prawn with coconut)

Lau-Chingri Recipe(lauki with prawn)
Shasa-chingri torkari
(cucumbar with prawn)

Chingri Machher Jhal Recipe (Masala Prawn)
Begun chingri torkari Recipe
(brinjal with prawn)

Tomato chingri Recipe(tomato prawn)
Vapa chingri Recipe (steamed

Narkel jhingga chingri Recipe(ribbed gourd with prawn)

Fried Prawn with
Sesame seeds Recipe

Prawn Jhal-Freji Recipe

Fried Coconut Prawn Recipe
in Hot Garlic Sauce

Posto Chingri Recipe
Prawn Butterfly
Prawn Tikka
Prawn Cutlet
Chili Prawn
Cheese prawn
Green Prawn Pulao
Tomatoes Stuffed with Prawns
with Prawn Korma

Orange Malai

Shrimp with tamarind sauce (sour)

Egg Recipes

Egg Curry Recipe (egg in spicy gravy)

Sweet & Sour egg curry Recipe

Egg Bhujia Recipe

Poached Egg

Egg Water Poach
Egg Omlette

French Omlette


Egg &
Green onion Bhujia

Egg omlette

& Egg Curry

Mushroom Omlette

Crab Recipes

Masala crab Recipe
Chili Crab Recipe
Crab Paper Fry Recipe
Baked Crab
Hot Crab Dip
Crab with Snow Peas Curry
Steamed Crab

Chicken Recipes

Chicken Kassa (chicken in thick & spicy gravy)

Chicken Patiwala
Green Chicken

Tandoori Chicken
Marinated chicken fry Recipe

Chicken Rejala Recipe
Simple Chicken Recipe

Chicken Chili Fry

Chicken Shakuti
Butter Chicken
Mustard Chicken

Poppy Chicken
Chicken Stew
Chicken Chettinad
Chili Chicken
Murgh Makhni
Kashmiri Chicken


Chicken Malai


Afghan Chicken

Royal Chicken

Mint Chicken

Fried Spicy Chicken
Achari Murgh (Pickled Chicken)
Jeera Murgh (Chicken with Cumin seeds)
Honey Chicken
Chicken Vindaloo

Chicken Do-Piaza

Navaratna Chicken

Pista Chicken

Green Chicken

Coconut Chicken

Sweet Corn Chicken

Nababi Chicken

Pepper Chicken

Julian Honey

Sweet & Sour Chicken

Green Momo

Chicken Rezala

Chicken Karahi
Ladakhi Chicken

Tomato Chicken

White Chicken

Mutton Recipes

Mutton Kassa Recipe (Mutton in thick gravy)
Vuna-gosth Recipe

Mutton Vindaloo Recipe

Meat Dhansak
Hydrabadi Haleem
Phall Curry
Achari Mutton

Hydrabadi Mutton Recipe

Hing mangsho Recipe
(Mutton with asafoetida)

Keema Methi

Rogan Josh (Mutton with spicy, thick gravy)

Rista (Meat-balls with red gravy)

Shammi Kebab

Kadai Mutton

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