Indian Vegetarian Recipes

Posted on October 17, 2020

Indian Vegetarian Recipes

Vegetables Recipes

Rajma curry Recipe (kidney beans in spicy gravy)

Tarka / Tadka Recipe(black lentil fry)

Sweet and Sour potato Recipe

Aloo Posto Recipe (potato curry with poppy seeds) (veg)

Aam Dal Recipe(lentil with mango)

Imli Dal Recipe (lentil with tamarind)

Karela Posto Recipe (karela curry with poppy seeds)
Bandha-kopir Torkari Recipe (cabbage dish)
Phul-kopir Dalna Recipe (cauli-flower recipe)
Mixed Sabji Recipe (mixed vegetables) (veg)
Chholar Dal Recipe (veg) (pea pulse recipe)

Dum Aloo Recipe(veg)(potato in thick gravy)
Masoor Dal Recipe(lentil soup)
Mung Dal Recipe (yellow lentils soup)
Aloo vaja Recipe (potato fry)
Aloo-Karela vaja Recipe(potato-karela fry)
Pumpkin Curry (Misti Kumda Chakka)

Green Papaya Curry with Potato

Banana Stem Fry (Thor vaja)

Fried Jute leaves (Pat-pata / Pat-shak Vaja)

Fried Brinjal with Neem leaves (Neem-Begun)

Fried Water Spinach (Kolmi Shak Vaja)

Shak Vaja Recipe (shak fry)
Aloo Chorchori Recipe (easy potato curry-with thick gravy)

Aloo Torkari Recipe (potato curry)
Aloo Torkari Recipe(2)(potato curry)

Lau-bari torkari Recipe (kaddu with pulse cakes)
Lau-dal Recipe(lauki with mung)
Vindi Vaji Recipe (okra fry)
Sambar Recipe (lentils with vegetables in south indian style)
Begoon Vaja Recipe (brinjal fry)
Potol Vaja Recipe (palwal fry)
Drumstick recipe
Shukto Recipe (mixed vegetables with milk)
Chichinga vaja Recipe (fried snake gourd)

Jhinga posto Recipe (ribbed gourd with poppy seed)
Mixed vaji Recipe (mixed fry)
Palang dal Recipe(spinach with lentil)
Mung chichinga Recipe(mung pulse with snake gourd)
Potol posto Recipe(parwal with poppy seed)
Chichingga posto Recipe (snake gourd with poppy seed)
Uchhe posto Recipe (bitter gourd with poppy seed)
Soyabean curry Recipe(soybean with spicy gravy)
Alu barbati vaja Recipe(potato and string bean fry)

Palang bori torkari Recipe(spinach with pulse cakes)
Roasted cauliflower Recipe
Nababi motor Recipe (peas in thick gravy)
Peyajkoli chhechki Recipe (green onion recipe)
Bandhakopi paturi Recipe(cabbage with coconut)
Neem patar shukto Recipe(neem leaves recipe)
Dal uchhe Recipe(pea pulse with bitter gourd)
Jhingga uchhe kumda teto Recipe(ribbed gourd with bitter gourd)
Sojinaphul chorchori Recipe (drumstick flower recipe)
Palta pata chal kumda teto Recipe(parwal leaves recipe)
Alu korma Recipe (potato with yogurt)
Mochar paturi Recipe (banana flower with coconut)
Echad kalia Recipe (jack fruit in thick gravy)

Patoler dolma Recipe(shrimp stuff parwal)
Rasam Recipe (tuar dal with tomato & spices)

Tel Bebun(brinjal wih mustard oil) Recipe
Coconut French beans Recipe
spicy Brinjal (baigan ka bharta) Recipe

Smashed spicy
Potato (alu bharta) Recipe

Pulse with
cucumber (Dosakai Pappu)

Chana Madra
Mirch ka Salan (Spicy curry)

Sweet Chana dal with Coconut

Elephant foot aroid (olkachu) curry with Prawn

Spicy Corn Recipe

Spicy Bottle-gourd Curry with Coconut


with Rice

with Coconut

with Capsicum

with Mung-dal


Dahi Alu

Potato with Aniseed

Butter Curry


stem with Coconut

Masala Dal

with Fennel Seeds


Paneer Recipes

Paneer Curry Recipe (paneer in spicy gravy)

Matar Paneer Recipe (peas & paneer with spicy gravy)

Palang Paneer Kofta Recipe

Chili Paneer Recipe


Paneer vape Recipe (steamed paneer)

Chhenar malaikari Recipe (cottage cheese in mustard sauce)

Palak Paneer
(Spinach with Cottage cheese)

Paneer Bhujia
(Fried grated Paneer)

Achari Paneer
(Pickled Cottage Cheese)

Paneer Kofta Curry
(Cottage cheese dumplings Curry)

Corn-Paneer Pakoda

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