Food Related Terms

Posted on October 17, 2020

Food related Terms

General Name
English Term
Achaar Pickle Chili, Mango
Bharta Mashed Food Brinjal bharta,
Alu bharta
Bhajji Fried vegetables Mixed bhajii
Bhujia Deep fried & small pieces of vegetables, eggs etc. Egg bhujia
Bhuna Pan fried or Pan roasted with a little or no gravy Mutton bhuna- gosth
Burfi Diamond shaped cake made from milk solid Milk
Chikki A sweet commonly made with peanuts or cashew nuts. Nuts
Dal Legume Soup Lentil soup, Mung dal
Dhansak Parsi curry with legumes Meat
Do Piyaza Damp curry containing half or more onions Chicken patiwala
Dosa South Indian Rice/ Bean crepe Plain dosa, Masala dosa
Firni Rice flour pudding Firni
Halva-Carrot Carrot Pudding Gajar ka halwa
Halva-Sooji Semolina Pudding Upma
Idli South Indian Rice/ Bean dumpling Idli
Kheer Rice Pudding Payesh
Kebab Roasted whole food Egg kebab
Kofta Meatball shaped minced food Palang paneer kofta
Korma Mild aromatic curry made with yogurt and nut paste Hydrabadi Mutton
Khameer Yeast Yeast
Khasta Flaky or crumbly Besan kachori, Raj kachori , Nimki
Khichdi / Khichuri Rice and beans cooked together Khichdi, Dalia khichdi
Makhni Buttery curry Paneer Curry
Pakora Deep fried fritter Vegetable pakora, Chicken pakora
Pasanda Mild aromatic vegetablse or meat curry with yogurt Mutton kasa
Rogan Josh Bright red colour meat curry Hing mutton
Rasgulla / Rasogolla Cottage cheese balls in sugar syrup Rasogolla
Samosa Conical shaped deep fried stuffed pastry Mutton samosa
Tandoori Roasted in a clay oven Roasted cauliflower , Tandoori pomfret
Tikia Whole – muscle or chunk food roasted or baked Mutton
Tikki Minced food patty Potato
Thandai Sweet Beverage made with combination of seeds and nuts Thandai
Vindaloo A spicy hot Portuguese style (Goa) curry Mutton

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