Body Specific Diet (According to Ayurveda)

Posted on October 17, 2020

Body Specific Diet (According to Ayurveda)

After finishing the studies of ancient Indian method of medicine and treatment, Charaka was asked by his ‘Guru’ (teacher) to pay him ‘gurudakshina’ (the charge of teaching, without which any teaching is considered incomplete)). The teacher told him that within one year he had to bring a plant, which does not have any medicinal value.

To fulfill teacher’s request, Charaka traveled the whole of India but without any result. After one year he returned to his ‘Guru’ with a heavy heart, unable to pay the ‘Gurudakshina’ and that meant his learning was also incomplete. He told his ‘Guru’ about his

The ‘Guru’ became very happy and congratulated his student whole heartedly. He told Charaka that Charaka was his best student and of course his learning was complete,
because there is no such plant, that does not have any medicinal value.

Charaka became a great Vaidya later in ancient India. He was one of the main founders of ‘Ayurveda’, [from wikipedia].

The word ‘Ayurveda’ is derived from two Sanskrit words, ‘Ayus’ = life and ‘Veda’ = knowledge.

According to ‘Ayurveda’ the metabolic processes of our body are governed by three ‘doshas’ or
humours namely ‘Vata’ = wind, ‘Pitta’ = bile and ‘Kapha’ = phlegm.

There are some general characteristics by which the body type can be identified (But remember this is not absolute because one ‘Dosha’ can simulate other’s characterisics).

Prevalence of a ‘Dosha’ define particular body type or ‘Prakriti’ of an individual. Like, if ‘Pitta’ is prevalent in
someone’s body he or she is considered as ‘Pitta’ type body or pitta prakriti.

Aggravation or imbalance of any of the three doshas is considered as ‘Vikruti’ of that particular dosha. The aggravation or
imbalance of any dosha can be neutralized or balanced easily by specific body type diets.

Taste that balances or aggravates particular Doshas

Balances Vata

Aggravates Vata
sweet Pungent
Sour Bitter
Salty Astringent

See for Vata specific diet

Balances Pitta Aggravates Pitta
sweet Sour
Bitter Salty
Astringent Pungent

See for Pitta specific diet

Balances Kapha Aggravates Kapha
Pungent sweet
Bitter Sour
Astringent Salty

See for Kapha specific diet

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