Poush Parbon

Posted on October 17, 2020

Poush Parbon

Poush Parbon held on the last day of the Bengali month “Poush”. It is a crop festival celebrated among
Bengali’s. Molasses are prepared from date palm. In this festival different kinds of sweets are prepared from rice powder, milk, jaggery and
coconut. The sweets are known as “Pithe” in Bengali.

Pousher Pithe-Payesh (Poush Recipes)

Carrot’s Cake (gajorer

Cheese Cake
Mung Pulse Cake
(mung daler pithe)

Rice flakes Cake
(chirer pithe)

Cottage cheese
Cake (cham-cham puli-pithe)

Mango Cream Cake (aamer

Kheer with
Gulab Jamun

Pasta Kheer
Fried rice Kheer
Kheer of
Custard Apple

Mung pulse &
Coconut Kheer

Special Kheer
Irani Kheer
Orange Kheer
Blue berry &
Kiwi Kheer

Mihidana Payesh
Cashew Burfi

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