Posted on October 17, 2020


"Modak" is a one of the favourite food item of Lord Ganesha. 


  • 3-4 cups of rice flour
  • 6 cups of water
  • 6 teaspoon vegetables oil
  • 4 cups of grated coconut
  • 2 cups sugar or jaggery
  • 1/2 cup of milk


  1. Bring the water to boil and add oil into it for the outer covering, take out from heat.
  2. Now add the rice flour, little by little to avoid lump formation and cover the mixture and let it cool.
  3. After cooling, knead it well in dough with a smooth finish in such a way that it should sparkle.
  4. Now take the coconut and jaggery in a heavy-bottomed pan for the stuffing. 
  5. Add milk and cook it on low flame and continue stirring. 
  6. When the mixture becomes dense, remove from the heat.
  7. The mixture should be fairly dry and turn a shade darker. 
  8. Now make balls with the rice flour dough.
  9. Flatten them on the palm or on a surface into a circle and place the stuffing in the center of the circle and cover it completely.
  10. Fold the edges tapering to the center. 
  11. Now steam-cook the modaks in a cooker for 15 minutes until done.
  12. Ready the Modak for give it to Lord Ganesha.

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