Bhai Phota / Bhai Dooj

Posted on October 17, 2020

Bhai Phota / Bhai Dooj

Bhai Dooj or Bhai Phota is a traditional Hindu festival celebrated in all over in India. It is celebrated on the second day of Kali Puja. In this festival every sister prays for her brother’s for long life and every bothers promises their sister’s to protect them from evils.

In Hindu mythology, Yamuna, is the sister of Yama Raj (God of Death) prays for her brother’s
welfare and applies “Phota” or “Tilak” on his forehead with chanting a Sanskrit
Mantra :

“Bhratus tabaa grajaataaham
Bhunksa bhaktamidam shuvam Preetaye yama raajasya
Yamunaah Visheshatah.”

English Translation:
I’m your sister
Eat this sacred rice
For the pleasure of “Yam Raj” and “Yamuna”.

Bengali version:
Bhaier kapale dilam phonta,
Jamer Duare porlo kanta,
Jamuna Dae Jomke phonta,
Ami di amar bhaike phonta,
Bhai jeno hoy lohar vata.

English Translation:
I put a “phota” on my brother’s fore-head
To make my brother immortal
“Yamuna” gives a “phota” to “Yam”
I give a “phota” to my brother
Brother may becomes tough as iron

Bhai Phota Recipes

Breakfast : Luchi,
Chholar Dal, Dum
, Rasogolla, Sandesh,
Misti Doi.

Lunch : Plain Rice,
Murighanter Dal,
Alu Vaja, Begun
, Chingri Machher
, Doi
, Pineapple
, Misti Pan.

Dinner : Paneer
, Vegetable
, Biriyani,
Chicken Kasa, Strawberry Ice

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