Malida (a Persian dessert)

Posted on October 17, 2020

Malida (a Persian dessert)



  1. Knead a tight dough with semolina and water.
  2. Make some big balls from the dough and make it like a kebab.
  3. Heat the tawa and bake the kebabs both sides and keep aside.
  4. When its cool, break the balls and make crumbs.
  5. Make sugar syrup with sugar and water and mix with saffron.
  6. When the syrup becomes thick and dense, add kebabs crumbs and
     stir it continuously in a low flame.
  7. Remove the mixture from fire.
  8. Beat the eggs properly and mix with semolina mixture and stir properly
    (don’t stop to stirring).
  9. Cook it in a low flame, add ghee and stir it continue.
  10. Add raisins, almonds, cherry and mix properly.
  11. Cool it and serve it.

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